The Association

The United Kingdom Constitutional Law Association (UKCLA) is the UK’s national body of constitutional law scholars affiliated to the International Association of Constitutional Law. Formed in 2003, initially as an informal group, the UKCLA  organises seminars and conferences and runs this website and blog. The Association’s president is Andrew Le Sueur (University of Essex); Nick Barber (Trinity College, Oxford) and Sebastian Payne (University of Kent) are vice-presidents.

Past chairs of the group were Professor Anthony Bradley (2003-2007), Professor Dawn Oliver (2007-2010), and Professor Andrew Le Sueur and Sebastian Payne (co-chairs, 2010-2013).

The blog

The UKCLA’s blog is edited by Nick Barber and Jeff King. It contains contributions from many UK public law scholars. If you complete the ‘Email subscription’ (top right), you’ll receive an email when a new article appears.

Copyright in contributions to the UKCLA blog belong to the individual author, to whom any requests to republish should be addressed. The opinions and analysis contained in blog posts and comments are those of the individual authors not the UKCLA as a whole, its members or officers. Nothing contained on this blog constitutes legal advice; if you have a practical problem, you should consult a qualified legal adviser.


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