PhD Register

At the 2014 Conference on the Teaching of Public Law, held at City University Law School, ‘the paucity of public law PhD events and the distinct lack of any sort of network between public law PhDs at different institutions was again flagged as a serious deficiency’ (see J. Tomlinson, ‘Ambitions and Constraints – A Report on the Second Conference on the Teaching of Public Law (2014)’ U.K. Const. L. Blog (2nd July 2014) (available at

With the encouragement of the UKCLA executive committee, Joseph Tomlinson and Jack Simson Caird started to compile a register of postgraduate research students, in the UK and elsewhere, who are working on projects related to constitutional law. This is defined broadly, extending to administrative law, human rights, aspects of public international law and EU law relevant to national constitutions. Projects related to constitutions carried out in disciplines beyond law will be included. Although the focus of the register is on PhD constitutional law projects being undertaken in the United Kingdom, or about the UK, it will include projects based elsewhere, and on subjects beyond the UK constitution, that may be of interest to UKCLA members.

The aim of the register is to enable doctoral students to contact others with shared interests, to help build a national community of postgraduate research scholars,  and for the wider academy to know about the rich and diverse range of projects currently being undertaken. The register will be updated a couple of times a year (the next update will be in mid-2015). If you would like to appear on the register, or would like to amend your entry, please send the relevant information to

A 4th edition of the register can be downloaded (as a Word document) from this link: PhD register. This was updated in January 2016.