Events: 10 November 5:30pm

Trinity Centre for Constitutional Governance (TriCON)

School of Law, Trinity College Dublin

in association with

The EURGOV Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence, Trinity College Dublin

Events MT 2021

‘The Brexit Challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom: Constitutions under Pressure’.

November 10th 5.30-7pm – Webinar

Book Symposium on Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg & Jo Eric Khushal Murkens (eds) The Brexit Challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom (2021, Cambridge University Press


Paul Gallagher SC, Attorney General of Ireland.

Dame Brenda King DBC, Attorney General for Northern Ireland.

Mick Antoniw, Counsel General for Wales and Minister for the Constitution, Welsh Government.

Sir Jonathan Jones QC, former Treasury Solicitor and head of the UK Government Legal Service.

Chair: Professor Aileen Kavanagh, Professor of Constitutional Governance and Director of TriCON

Brexit poses immense constitutional challenges, not only for the United Kingdom in all its constituent parts, but for Ireland as well.  These challenges are sources of tension, but also opportunity.  Marking the publication of The Brexit Challenge for Ireland the United Kingdom: Constitutions under Pressure edited by Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg and Jo Eric Murkens, this seminar will engage leading legal actors in constitutional governance across both jurisdictions to discuss the challenges which lie ahead.

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