‘Covid, Crisis and the Constitution’

Lunchtime Webinar, Wednesday 16th June, 1-2pm


Professor Fiona de Londras (University of Birmingham)

Professor Oran Doyle (TCD)

Dr Joelle Grogan (University of Middlesex)

Professor Jeff King (UCL)

In conversation with Professor Aileen Kavanagh (TCD)

Covid19 has had a profound effect on our lives, our health and our relationships. But what impact has it had on the constitutional framework and the norms which underpin that framework? Drawing on comparative examples from the UK, Ireland, Europe and far beyond, in conversation with leading experts in the field, we ask: How are governments responding to Covid19 in a changing field? And how are constitutions framing and shaping those responses? More fundamentally, has the Covid crisis uncovered a deeper constitutional malaise?

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This seminar is co-hosted by the

British-Irish Chapter of ICON (the International Society for Constitutional Law)

TriCON (Trinity Centre for Constitutional Governance) &

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Constitutional Governance in Europe at Trinity College Dublin