Conference Announcement

Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts 2020
12 – 16 October

There’s just over two weeks to go until Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts 2020, on the theme of Executive Power.

Highlights include: Lord Justice Singh on Judicial Review in 2020 || Executive Power and the Pandemic with Prof Jeff King, Tom Hickman QC, Jeremy Miles AM, Kate O’Regan and Prof Arianna Vedaschi || Closing conversation with Elizabeth Prochaska and Prof Paul Craig on JR reform.


Prof Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Zahra Al-Rikabi, Dr Julinda Beqiraj, Jonathan Blunden, Natalie Byrom, Tim Buley QC, Ayesha Christie, Carla Clarke, Jason Coppel QC, Prof Paul Craig, Cori Crider, Rosa Curling, Tom de la Mare QC, Chanel Dolcy, Marina Fernandez-Reino, Denisa Gannon, Deborah Gellner, Polly Glynn, Khatija Hafesji, Jo Hickman, Tom Hickman QC, Bijan Hoshi, Rachel Jones, Jo Hynes, Charlotte Kilroy QC, Zoe Leventhal, Kevin de Liban, Andrew Lidbetter, David Lock QC, Sara Lomri, Shu Shin Luh, Jacqueline McKenzie, Nicole Masri, Kate Meakin, Jeremy Miles AM, Julian Milford QC, Allison Munroe QC, Hanif Mussa, Zia Nabi, Ravi Naik, Kate O’Regan, Naina Patel, Parishil Patel QC, Ollie Persey, Alison Pickup, Jason Pobjoy, Elizabeth Prochaska, Jasveer Randhawa, Alexandra Sinclair, Lord Justice Singh, Prof Maurice Sunkin, Mr Justice Swift, Dr Joe Tomlinson, Nusrat Zar.

Top Public Law Cases of the Year || Procurement and commissioning || Judicial review of the regulators || Citizens’ Rights post-Brexit || The Post-EU Transition Landscape: Trade and Sanctions || Judicial review of the delegated power to legislate || The operation of the administrative court during COVID and the move to online courts || Access to justice: challenging unlawful systems and obtaining redress || The dynamics of Judicial Review litigation || Use and abuse of statutory instruments || Using the law to protect the vulnerable during the pandemic || Executive power and the pandemic || What is access to justice? || Race discrimination claims || Challenging algorithmic decision making and data discrimination

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