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ICON-S British-Irish Chapter

2019 Annual Conference

The United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union (?)

Domestic and European Constitutional Implications

Download the Full Programme Here (pdf)

University of Strathclyde, 24 – 25 April 2019

The UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU involves a major change to – and major test of – the UK’s constitutional arrangements, the precise implications of which remain unclear.  It is also an event of profound significance for the UK’s closest neighbour, Ireland, and for the EU itself.  Barring a decision to delay or revoke the Article 50 process, the UK will cease to be a member of the EU on 29 March 2019.  This conference will mark the UK’s withdrawal from the EU by reflecting on the constitutional legacy (for the UK, Ireland, and the EU) of 45 years of UK membership of the EU, the constitutional implications of the conduct of the withdrawal process, the likely impact of Brexit on the UK’s domestic constitutional order, and the constitutional significance of post-Brexit relationships with Ireland, with the EU, with new trading partners, and with other external organisations, such as the Council of Europe.

Keynote and plenary speakers

  • Professor Martin Loughlin, London School of Economics
  • Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Jo Murkens, London School of Economics
  • Professor Rosa Greaves, University of Glasgow, University of Oslo


Conference fee: £40 (£20 student rate). Optional conference dinner: £40.

Registration is now open. Please register here.