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Open Call to PhD Students: ‘Developments in the UK’s Territorial Constitution’, Belfast, 19 October 2018

One Day Workshop at Queen’s University Belfast

The UKCLA, in conjunction with the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast, is hosting a PhD workshop in Belfast on Friday 19 October 2018. The theme of the workshop is ‘Developments in the UK’s Territorial Constitution’. This title is intended to be broad, and papers can cover matters related to, among others, devolution, human rights, local government, and Brexit. Papers will be presented by PhD students and responded to by academics working in the field.

The UKCLA is making available three bursaries of up to £400 for students from Great Britain, which it is hoped will be awarded to students from England, Scotland and Wales. The bursaries will cover reasonable travel costs to Belfast and the cost of two nights’ accommodation.

Applications for the bursaries are now invited from any PhD student working on the above, indicative themes. They are to be made by way of a covering letter, sent by email, addressed to Sebastian Payne (, the President of the UKCLA, and should provide a title for the proposed paper and a short abstract. A CV may be included, though is not required.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 3 September 2018. The successful applicants will be notified in the week commencing Monday, 17 September 2018.

One comment on “Open Call to PhD Students: ‘Developments in the UK’s Territorial Constitution’, Belfast, 19 October 2018

  1. Alessandro Torre
    August 12, 2018

    The Belfast call for PhD papers is very inretesting.
    The papers’ gathering apart, a seminar or a conference is scheduled in October 2018, where the papers will be displayed and debated?
    Is any, will it be open to the participation of whom would like to listen what young UK researchers write on devolution, Brexit, etc.?
    The meeting meets the interest of some people from the Devolution Club, Italy.

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