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The Editors: Blog on Holiday until the New Year

Dear readers,

The editors would like to inform you that the Blog is on holiday until 9 January and we will only respond to submissions after that time. Many thanks to all our contributors throughout 2017 for your excellent posts and comments, and to Silvia Suteu our blog manager for all her work. We look forward to another exciting year for the Constitution in 2018!

Merry Christmas

Stephen Tierney & Alison Young

One comment on “The Editors: Blog on Holiday until the New Year

    December 20, 2017

    Dear Stephen and Alison (if I may), thank you for all the exciting 2017 blogs that are very appreciated among the Devolution Club fellows, and please be so kind to accept – and extend to the UKCLA members – our best greetings for Christmas and a NewYear when UKCLA and the Dev Club are expected to meet again in London Alessandro Torre

    UK Constitutional Law Associati

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