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Public Law Reform Now, University of Sussex, 20 September 2016

If you could change just one thing about the judicial control of administration what would it be?

We invite abstracts considering this question for a conference to be held at the University of Sussex on 20 September 2016. Note: the deadline for abstracts is Friday 24th June 2016.

Public Law Reform Now forms part of the larger initiative Law Reform Now 2016-2020, a series of events coinciding with the Law Commission consultation on their 13th Programme of law reform.

The Law Commission is an independent body that keeps the law under review and, where needed, recommends reforms to make the law fair, modern, simple and as cost-effective as possible. With this in mind, every 3-4 years, the Commission engages in a consultation on law reform – asking the public and stakeholders to highlight areas of the law that are in need of review. The Commission, guided by their Protocol with the Lord Chancellor, will then select appropriate projects to take forward within each new Programme.

Coinciding with the Commission’s consultation for the 13th Programme, Public Law Reform Now is a one-day conference discussing ten recommendations for law reform. Speakers at the conference (half invited, and half from the call for papers below) will present their ideas for law reform in a lively and interactive environment, with each paper followed by Q&A.

The conference will be followed on 21st and 22nd September by a two day workshop for speakers and invited commentators only.  Nicholas Paines QC, Public Law Commissioner will be attend the open session to present an introduction to the process of formation of the Commission’s 13th Programme and observe the remainder of the day’s proceedings.

Further details, including information on how to submit an abstract, can be found on the conference page.


University of Sussex, Brighton. Hosted in the Moot Room, Freeman Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9RH

Conference Organisers

Professor Lindsay Stirton

Professor T T Arvind

Dr Susann Wiedlitzka

Please direct any questions to: PLRN@sussex.ac.uk

Confirmed Speakers

Mr Nicholas Paines, QC (Public Law Commissioner)

Professor Robert Thomas  (University of Manchester)

Dr Richard Kirkham (University of Sheffield)

Conference Fees

A small fee of £25 per delegate (£15 for students and retirees) is required as a contribution towards catering.