UKCLA membership 2016: please renew or join

Dear UKCLA members,

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their subscription for 2016. Your membership provides support for the blog, for the events we hold and also for the joint activities we carry out with other organisations that promote constitutional debate.  A full membership gives vitality to the Association. Could I urge members who have not yet renewed their membership to do so via the membership section of the UKCLA website.

Best wishes,

Sebastian Payne

President, UKCLA


The online store is now open for 2016 membership and you can renew your subscription, or join the UKCLA, on our Members page. At the AGM last week, members voted to maintain the annual subscription rates for all types of membership. In 2015, the Association counted 150 people as members, based in the UK and around the world. If you were one of them, please continue to be a member of the community and to support our work. If you were not, please consider joining. Membership runs for the calendar year regardless of when you join. UKCLA relies on membership fees to fund its work.

Benefits of membership include:

  • being able to publicise relevant events, publications, news, on the UKCLA blog/website.
  • eligibility to apply for funding for your events (including mentoring for early career researchers organising academic events for the first time); details, including how to apply, are here.
  • becoming involved in a community of doctoral students: your PhD project can be listed in the UKCLA PhD Register and brought to national and international attention.
  • being part of a community of constitutional law scholars in the UK and around the world.
  • feeling virtuous about helping to finance the UKCLA blog; we now have more than 5,800 “followers” (receiving blog posts directly to their email inbox) around the world and since its launch in November 2010 the blog has been viewed more than 1,370,000 times. You can learn more on how to use the blog for current awareness, research and debate, and in order to contribute, here.
  • supporting the International Association of Constitutional Law: UKCLA is affiliated to the IACL and members contribute to its work.

Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the UKCLA blog and events.