Event: The Constitutional Heritage of Magna Carta

IIC-DevoClub-UKCLA logosThe Italian Cultural Institute, The Devolution Club and The UK Constitutional Law Association invite you to the Italian-British Constitutional Conversation:


The Constitutional Heritage of Magna Carta

Monday, 8 June 2015, 5 P.M.

Italian Cultural Institute

39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX



Foreword: Alessandro Torre, The Devolution Club

Chair: Sebastian Payne, UK Constitutional Law Association

Speakers: Nicholas Baforth, Queen’s College Oxford and Maurizio Fioravanti, University of Florence

Discussant: Peter Leyland, SOAS, University of London


Pending the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the 2015 Italian-British Constitutional Conversation is focused on the constitutional legacy of the basic  document that was signed on 15 June 1215 by King John and the barons. Though drafted  in a clear context of feudal rebellion,  the Magna Carta gave room to the idea of individual freedom and limitation of the power, thus contributing to the discourse on liberty in nearly all English-speaking countries.

But how far can a royal charter written in early XIII century be considered so fundamental to the building of a modern approach to the balance between freedom and power? The question will be asked to Maurizio Fioravanti, an Italian legal historian from Florence, and to Nicholas Bamforth, a constitutional lawyer from Oxford, the distinguished scholars who will read their Lectiones on the issue.

The Conversation is held by the Devolution Club, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in London and the UK Constitutional Law Association, with the support of the Association of Italian Constitutionalists and the Johns Hopkins-CCSDD, Bologna.

For more information, see the event poster here. To register, please see the Italian Cultural Institute’s website here.