Andrew Le Sueur: stepping down as UKCLA president

AndrewLeSueurAfter four years at the helm, I am – as planned – stepping down as president of the UKCLA. During this time the Association (as it now is) and ‘group’ (as it was until 2014) has thrived thanks to an excellent team. Membership last year was the highest it has ever been with over 100 subscribers (if you have not yet renewed or taken out membership for 2015, let me nudge you to do so). The blog has come a long way since Nick Barber (its founding editor) and I spend an afternoon in my attic study in Wandsworth trying to get to grips with WordPress: blog posts are now delivered directly to almost 4,400 email inboxes and twitter feeds and the blog is heading towards 1 million views by individuals since 2010. The Association – led on events by Sebastian Payne – has continued to produce, encourage and sponsor a range of events across the country. I want to thank colleagues who have helped to achieve all of this activity designed to ‘to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge relating to United Kingdom constitutional law (broadly defined) and the study of constitutions generally’.

I will remain a member of the UKCLA executive committee and will now focus on work for the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL), to which the UKCLA is affiliated. I am involved in an exciting new project there, which will be launched shortly: watch this blog for more details.

Under the UKCLA constitution, the executive committee elects the president and other office holders. Sebastian Payne has been selected as the new president. He will bring new ideas and energy to the role and I wish him every success.

 Andrew Le Sueur is Professor of Constitutional Justice at the University of Essex. He is serving a second term (to 2018) on the executive committee of the International Association of Constitutional Law.

 (Suggested citation: A. Le Sueur, ‘Stepping down as UKCLA president’ U.K. Const. L. Blog (16th February 2015) (available at