Andrew Le Sueur: announcing the launch of UKAJI

UKAJI logo 2014UKCLA members and blog followers interested in administrative justice will want to know about the launch of a new project to create the United Kingdom Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI). Based at the University of Essex School of Law for the next three years, the initiative is made possible thanks to a £350,000 grant from the Nuffield Foundation.

The project is cross-disciplinary and has three aims (1) linking the policy, practice and research communities involved in administrative justice; (2) developing a coordinated research agenda; and (3) identifying and tackling capacity constraints. More information about the project is on the UKAJI website and blog; and you can follow the project on Twitter. Work will start in earnest in October 2014. In the meantime, we are seeking to appoint a senior research officer.

The ‘core team’ of the project consists of:

  • Varda Bondy, Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University, formerly Director of Research, Public Law Project
  • Ray Burningham, formerly Chief Executive, Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council, currently adviser to Welsh Government on Administrative Justice
  • David Cowan, Professor of Law and Policy, University of Bristol
  • Christian Gill, Lecturer in Administrative Justice, Queen Margaret University
  • Christopher Hood, Gladstone Professor of Government and Public Administration, Oxford
  • Andrew Le Sueur, Professor of Constitutional Justice, University of Essex
  • Tom Mullen, Professor of Law, University of Glasgow
  • Lucinda Platt, Professor of Social Policy, LSE
  • Steve Pudney, Professor of Economics, Institute for Social and Economic Research, Univeristy of Essex
  • Vania Sena, Professor of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Director of the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, University of Essex
  • Maurice Sunkin, Professor of Public Law and Socio Legal Studies, University of Essex.

 Andrew Le Sueur is president of the UK Constitutional Law Association and Professor of Constitutional Justice at the University of Essex, UK

Suggested citation: A. Le Sueur, ‘Announcing the launch of UKAJI U.K. Const. L. Blog (13th August 2014) (available at