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Event: Negotiating Religion Workshop: Legal Framework – Schools and Religious Freedom

12th June 2012, at University College London.

This one day workshop, which is part of the Negotiating Religion Workshop Series, will look at how and to what extent do legal frameworks – judicial reasoning and legal processes – allow space for negotiating religious issues. The workshop will look at questions such as:

  • Does this negotiation take place with religious communities or directly with the individuals who claim that their religious freedoms have been infringed?
  • What are the main actors of the negotiating process?
  • Who benefits from it?
  • What are the risks of ‘negotiating’?
  • Is ‘negotiation’ the best way to reach a fair compromise between conflicting rights and claims?
  • Is negotiating with religious freedoms any different to negotiation in respect of other human rights?
  • What special features/dangers derive from the school context in which this negotiation takes place?
  • What does teaching in a secular institution imply?

These crucial questions will be addressed through analysis of topical case law and legal scholarship under four headings:

  1. Religious symbols
  2. Religious education and teaching content
  3. Religion and staff
  4. Faith Schools

This conference has been convened by Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin at UCL’s Faculty of Laws.

Click here for information about booking a place at this event.


One comment on “Event: Negotiating Religion Workshop: Legal Framework – Schools and Religious Freedom

  1. Martina Osterloh
    March 10, 2012

    Is this even open to students?

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