Event: Book Roundtable – The Making of Constitutional Democracy

Constitutional democracies around the world are in distress. Internal and external factors are putting pressure – and often weakening – what has come to be seen, in the aftermath of WW2, as arguably the best form of political organisation for modern, large, and complex societies. But what makes a constitutional democracy so? Is it, as Jurgen Habermas has famously put it, ‘a paradoxical union of contradictory principles’? And how can legal and political theory shed light on its workings?

Starting from the recent publication of Dr Paolo Sandro’s first monograph ‘The Making of Constitutional Democracy: From Creation to Application of Law’ (Hart 2022), please join an exceptional panel of distinguished constitutional scholars to discuss these and other topics. 

The speakers will be Prof Eoin Carolan (University College Dublin), Prof Erin Delaney (Northwestern University), Dr Marco Goldoni (University of Glasgow), and Professor Mila Versteeg (University of Virginia). Professor Jen Hendry (University of Leeds) will be chairing.

There is the option to attend online or in person. The number of in person tickets are limited so please ensure you select the correct ticket at check-out.

Joining instructions will be sent 24 hours before the event via email once you have registered.

Date & Time: 9th March, 1:50 – 5:00 PM

Location: Moot Court, Liberty Building (LT 1.28), School of Law, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, or online