A collection of responses to the Independent Review of Administrative Law (IRAL) by the UK Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI)

Between 7 September and 26 October 2020, the Independent Review of Administrative Law (IRAL) ran its call for evidence. The reform proposals that eventually emerge, expected by the end of 2020, have the potential to be substantial and wide-ranging given the broad scope of IRAL’s terms of reference. The proposals may also have significant implications for fundamental constitutional principles, such as the rule of law, parliamentary sovereignty, access to justice, human rights, and executive accountability.

Given the decision of the panel not to publish individual submissions to its call for evidence, the UK Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI) has decided to provide a public forum on its website where submissions to IRAL can be shared and collected. The collection currently has 44 separate submissions from a range of individuals; campaign and research organisations; charities; solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers; and public sector bodies.

The collection is available here. Should any individuals or organisations wish to include their submission in UKAJI’s collection, they should contact Lee Marsons on lm17598@essex.ac.uk.