IACL Virtual Global Roundtable: ‘Democracy 2020’

On 18-26 November the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL) Global Roundtable ‘Democracy 2020: Assessing Constitutional Decay, Breakdown, and Renewal Worldwide’ will take place as series of 9 inter-connected webinars. Featuring 50 speakers from 5 continents across 5 days, the webinars will be devoted to an array of themes including global and regional overviews, challenges from algorithmic governance to vote suppression, understudied countries, key actors like courts, parliaments and parties, and possible remedies and renewal of our democratic systems. The Roundtable is co-sponsored by the Laureate Program in Comparative Constitutional Law (Melbourne Law School) and the Melbourne School of Government.

Click the links for the website and programme. The full launch announcement on the IACL-AIDC Blog is here. You can register directly here


Webinar 1 – Global Challenges: Threats & Resilience – 18 November

Webinar 2 – Global Challenges: The Big Picture – 18 November

Webinar 3 – Americas: Constitutional Decay, Breakdown & Resilience – 19 November

Webinar 4 – Middle East & Africa: Constitutionalism, Corruption & Courts – 19 November

Webinar 5 – Asia: Non-Linear Constitutional Pathways – 24 November

Webinar 6 – Europe: Constitutional Impatience & Uncertainty – 24 November

Webinar 7 – Asia: Spotlight on India & Sri Lanka – 25 November

Webinar 8 – Europe: Spotlight on Hungary & Poland – 25 November

Webinar 9 – Saving Constitutional Democracy: Remedies & Renewal – 26 November

Global Spotlight Lecture Series

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A link to register for this lecture should be available shortly on the main website for the lecture series.