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Event: ‘The Rise of Populism in Europe’, 3 June 2019

The Italian Cultural Institute, the Devolution Club and the UK Constitutional Law Association invite you to the 14th Italian-British Constitutional Conversation:

‘The Rise of Populism in Europe’

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 4:30pm

Italian Cultural Institute

39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX



Alessandro Torre, Devolution Club


Sebastian Payne, UK Constitutional Law Association


Alison Young, University of Cambridge

Carlo Fusaro, University of Florence


Silvia Suteu, University College London

Andrea Biondi, King’s College, London

You can find the event poster HERE (PDF).

This is an invitation to all paid up UKCLA members. To renew your subscription, if you haven’t already, please follow the instructions on our Membership page HERE.

One comment on “Event: ‘The Rise of Populism in Europe’, 3 June 2019

  1. Karis Sanderson
    May 15, 2019

    Dear colleagues,

    Living in Australia and facing an election with several appalling parties to contend with, most authoritarian and a few insane, is there any way please that the papers or talks of your participants may be put on line and freely available pro bono publico?

    My educated friends feel that in GB and other EU states representative democracy has been hijacked by popular democracy, as respect for knowledge and for education withers away. We feel that your PMs recent past and present  have aided in the destruction of wise, well informed rule because  MPs are somehow afraid to argue against mob rule.

    We think that class war is the new danger in many countries. There is  here for example a tiny, new  party  that stupidly promises to enact ‘whatever the masses want’. No policies at all.


    Karis Muller, retired academic at Australian National University.

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