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Routes to an English Parliament?

Centre for English Identity & Politics and Centre for Parliament & Public Law, The University of Winchester

Friday 11th January 2019, 9:30am-5:00pm

Paul Woodhouse Suite, Winchester Cathedral

For 20 years, most English residents have said that laws that only affect England should only be made by English MPs. Recent polling shows majorities for an English Parliament and radical devolution within England.

But is there a plausible route to an English Parliament? When might passive public support become an active demand for change? Should reform to Westminster be radical or evolutionary, who should decide, and how might the people be engaged? How would an English Parliament sit with devolution within England and reform across the union?

This seminar will bring together experts in constitutional reform, political science, local government and public engagement with activists and campaigners to address these and other related questions.

Speakers include: Prof Dan Wincott (Cardiff), Stuart White (Oxford), Jane Suiter (Dublin), John Stanton (City), Sir Paul Silk (Constitutional Reform Group), Jack Sheldon (Constitution Unit, Cambridge), Mark Sandford (House of Commons Library), Craig Prescott (Winchester), Prof Mike Kenny (Cambridge), Arianna Giovannini (de Montfort), Jessica Garland (Electoral Reform Society), Prof John Denham (Winchester), Scilla Cullen (Campaign for an English Parliament), Prof Colin Copus (de Montfort), Elin Weston (King’s College London).

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