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UKCLA membership 2018: please renew or join (working links)

Please be advised that yesterday’s problem with some of the links to renew your membership has now been fixed. Below is the original note by UKCLA President Sebastian Payne, explaining the vital role that membership contributions have in the running of the Association.

Dear UKCLA members,

Thank you for your support in 2017 which has been a very successful year for the Association. I would like to invite all members to renew their membership for 2018 via the membership page of the UKCLA website (link HERE). Your membership provides support for the blog, for the events we hold and also for the joint activities we carry out with other organisations that promote constitutional debate. A full membership gives vitality to the Association.

Best wishes,

Sebastian Payne

President, UKCLA

One comment on “UKCLA membership 2018: please renew or join (working links)

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