Strathclyde/LSE: Crowd-Sourcing the UK Constitution – or Indeed a Scottish One

Expert Panel at the University of Strathclyde

Wednesday 19 March, 6 – 8 pm

If Scotland does choose independence it will need to devise a new constitution. There is no British precedent.  The UK has no constitution written down in one document. Instead it has laws, conventions, practices, activities scattered all over the place that constitutional lawyers gather together and describe as the UK constitution. In a unique project, LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and Department of Law have come together to pioneer the crowdsourcing of a new UK constitution, in other words to ask members of the public to participate in, advise on and eventually to draft a new UK constitution. If Scotland chooses independence exactly the same questions will need to be asked before a Constitution for this newly independent country can be written.  Join Professor Conor Gearty, Human Rights Law Professor at LSE and have your say on what should be included in creating this important new document, whether it is British or Scottish. There will be an expert panel from Scotland who will be discussing their views and ideas on the ConstitutionUK project. What could be included in a constitution to better protect and represent the Scottish people, whether as an independent country or as part of the UK?  Come along to this discussion to voice your opinions and contribute to ConstitutionUK!

Chair and Moderator:    Professor Conor Gearty, LSE


Jean McFadden, former leader, Glasgow City Council

Professor Aileen McHarg, University of Strathclyde

Shelagh McKinlay, political blogger

Professor James Mitchell, University of Edinburgh

Venue: Room S209, Stenhouse Building, 173 Cathedral St, Glasgow


Registration: Attendance at this event is free and all are welcome.  However, numbers are limited, so please register in advance by visiting

For further information about the ConstitutionUK project, see