Andrew Le Sueur: IACL IXth World Congress 2014 call for papers

event_16_jun_2014The deadline for expressions of interest to present a paper at the 9th World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law is fast approaching: 1 November 2013. The procedure is set out here, on the congress website. To be held in Oslo, Norway,  16-20 June 2014, the overarching theme of the event is “Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local”. The programme includes a mix of plenary sessions and the following workshops (for which papers are invited):

  • 1: Constitutional responses to terrorism
  • 2: Sub-national constitutions in federal and quasi-federal constitutional states
  • 3: Constitutional studies of free trade and political economy
  • 4: Social Rights and the challenges of economic crisis
  • 5: Judicial and extra-judicial conversation on the Constitution
  • 6: The constitutional challenges of immigration
  • 7: Sexual and reproductive rights : liberty, dignity and equality
  • 8: The Citizen and the State in the Digital Age
  • 9: Constitutional identity and constitutionalism beyond the nation state
  • 10: The constitution and illiberal democracies
  • 11: The new spring of constitution-making
  • 12: Constitutions and financial crisis
  • 13: Constitutional dimensions of political parties and elections
  • 14: New challenges to the freedom of the media
  • 15: The transformation of the principle of the separation of powers
  • 16: Direct democracy
  • 17: Federalism, community identity and distributive justice.

Members of the UK Constitutional Law Group, and other readers of this blog, are warmly encouraged to participate in the congress, which is held once every three to four years. The UK Constitutional Law group is affiliated to the IACL as a national organisation.

Andrew Le Sueur is co-convenor of the UKCLG, a member of the IACL executive committee and Professor of Constitutional Justice at the University of Essex.

Suggested citation: A. Le Sueur, ‘IACL IXth World Congress 2014 call for papers’  UK Const. L. Blog (7th October 2013) (available at