News: British Academy Report on Human Rights and the UK Constitution

Human rights law has been the subject of considerable controversy over the past few years. A new report, written by Colm O’Cinneide, Reader in Law at UCL, and released on September 27 by the British Academy Policy Centre, aims to clarify the central issues at stake in this debate. The report, Human Rights and the UK Constitution,analyses the relationship that currently exists between the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and UK law, and on how the Human Rights Act (HRA) fits within the UK’s constitutional architecture. It also explores the options for a new UK Bill of Rights, and examines the case for and against reform of existing human rights law. Completion of the report was overseen by a steering group comprised of five British Academy Fellows – Professors Vernon Bogdanor, John Eekelaar, David Feldman, Sandra Fredman and Conor Gearty – and also Francesca Klug (LSE). The report is available at: