UK Constitutional Law Group launches blog

The reach of this blog is broad.  It will cover all aspects of public law and the constitution.  Its focus will be on the United Kingdom, but it will also include – from time to time – discussion of developments in other countries, and commentary on themes in current scholarship.  There will be two types of posts.   Short posts will direct attention towards recent cases, legislation, and other matters that are of interest to public lawyers.  Longer posts will allow discussion and analysis both of recent events, but also of ideas and issues that relate to the subject matter of the blog.  The blog will not have a manifesto: it will provide a forum in which many different points of view will be aired.  Over the next couple of months, a wide range of academic lawyers and political scientists will write on a wide range of issues.  Hopefully, they will provoke debate, and, through debate, light will be cast on the matters discussed.

We are keen to ensure a wide range of contributions.  There will be a facility to comment on posts, but we will also consider submissions for longer posts (up to about 1000 words).  Submissions, and any correspondence about the blog, should be sent to:

Nick Barber

Andrew Le Sueur

Sebastian Payne