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Douglas Edlin: The Substance of Things Hoped For.

One reason that the film V for Vendetta resonated so powerfully with Americans was its presentation of such a plausibly dystopian future history.  The US might descend into chaos, but … Continue reading

September 30, 2011 · 6 Comments

Grégoire Webber: Australia: Parliamentary review of Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

On 19 April 2011, the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee of the Parliament of Victoria was tasked with reviewing the first four years of the Charter of Human Rights … Continue reading

September 27, 2011 · 1 Comment

Dawn Oliver: Review of H. Gommer, A Biological Theory of Law: Natural Law Theory Revisited (2011, Create Space/Amazon, Seattle, 179pp)

Given the growth of work in psychological explanations of law in many fields, a book by a Dutch scholar, Hendrik Gommer, A Biological Theory of Law: Natural Law Theory Revisited … Continue reading

September 26, 2011 · Leave a comment

Alison L. Young: Fixed-Term Parliaments and Neurath’s Ship

The UK constitution could be compared to Neurath’s ship. Unlike other countries, the UK cannot point to a single defining moment when a constitution was definitively ‘launched’, its provisions set … Continue reading

September 24, 2011 · 3 Comments

Gavin Phillipson: Constitutional Principles and the Human Rights Act: Moving Beyond One-Way Street Approaches

 I’ve been thinking recently about the relationship of the Human Rights Act with the existing principles of the UK constitution – themselves not always easy to pin down or agree … Continue reading

September 23, 2011 · Leave a comment

Andrew Le Sueur: McGonnell and the Bailiffs of Jersey and Guernsey 11 years on

Lawyers and legal academics from outside the Channel Islands tend to know only three things about the legal systems of Jersey and Guernsey. One is that islands have deployed their … Continue reading

September 22, 2011 · 1 Comment

Patrick O’Brien: Judicial Independence and the Irish Referendum on Judicial Pay

If all goes to plan, this week the wording of a new amendment to the Irish Constitution will be finalised. The amendment is designed to permit reductions to the pay … Continue reading

September 16, 2011 · 4 Comments